Jul 142011

Welcome to Travel Off The Path!

If you are trying to create ebooks for yourself or for publishing, you will find many answers here.
I create many personal documents for my Kindle, from references like contact lists to trip documents with all the airline, hotel, car, and other information that I need quick access to.
I am also writing several books for publication. For these books I am going down the path of self publishing ebooks rather than trying to deal with traditional publishers.
Follow my path to accomplishing these goals!

Robert W. Luedtke.

 14 July 2011
Nov 112012

I’ve been working with a couple of author’s that purchased my book “Ebook Creation – Tools & Process” and requested my Word template.
It appears that the book is working for them. From the comments I’ve received I think I can provide more help to users of my book.
I am writing a Quick Reference Guide to the process, a one page document that can be printed out and used as a checklist. I will be finishing it within a week.
If you would like the Quick Reference Guide, please send me an email. I will probably upload the document to the Articles section of this site.
Thanks for the support!

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Sep 302012

I am in the process of creating some test documents to figure out what components of the KF8 format (the format used for the Fire) will display well on the Kindle Keyboard (K3) after the update.
I will post my findings here.
I have a feeling it will also result in an update to my books! This is one of the coolest aspects of ebooks – easy to update and get new versions to the readers!
Stay tuned.

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Aug 282012

Today I published my first book, “Ebook Creation – Tools & Process: How to Create Well-Formed and Properly Formatted EPUB and Kindle Ebooks” on Amazon.com.
There are three more books in this group that will be published in the next few months.  Stay tuned!
If you purchase the book, please write a review at Amazon.com.  Click the image or text below to take you to the Amazon website:

Ebook Creation
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Jun 202012

It’s getting closer!  The book is in the second round of editing which should be complete this week.  I will have it proofread by a couple people then on t Amazon.

The process has taken longer and required more effort than I expected. A very satisfying experience though. I have learned a lot, and the process should be smoother for the following books.

There will be three more books (long articles actually) in the Ebook Creation series: Ebook Creation – Book Parts, Ebook Creation – Navigation, and Ebook Creation – Personal Documents.  These should be available by the end of the summer.

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Feb 252012

It has been a frustrating journey to wade through all the information on the web on how to create well-formed and formatted ebooks.  This is the primary reason for me to write a couple books on creating ebooks!
I started this process to figure out how to create ebooks so I could write my travel books!  I have downloaded many free and paid ebooks that advertise how to properly create ebooks.  What irritates me is that only about 10% of these ebooks are properly formatted themselves! Continue reading »

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