Jul 142011

Welcome to Travel Off The Path!

Are you tired of  hearing about the same old travel destinations geared towards tourists?  You know, the places where you are never more than a 10 minute walk from a McDonalds?
I travel around the globe selling solutions to animal feed manufacturing companies.  These feed mills are not typically built in metropolitan areas or resort and tourist areas.  It means I meet and get to know the locals – the real people – of the areas I visit.  My vacation travels follow the same theme.
I would like to share with you the experiences I’ve had traveling where the tourists don’t go.
Robert W. Luedtke.

 14 July 2011
Jul 172016

Our company had our Customer Conference at the SouthPoint Resort in Las Vegas. It is a great venue for this – nice resort but still far enough from the strip to keep people around for the most part.
Vegas has to be one of my least favorite cities in the world. There are very few tourist destinations in the world that I am interested in, and Vegas is the poster child for everything I dislike about these areas.

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Mar 172013

What’s in your bag that you never travel without?

Here is what I carry on every trip. These items are over and above what I need for business and clothing.
-Noise canceling headset (I use the AKG 495). These really increase the comfort level on flights.
-Inflatable neck pillow
-Fold-up plastic water bottle
-Delta SkyClub card

The Sky Club membership was purchased earlier this year. I have a lot of layovers at airports, and this will save money and sanity in the long run. Comfortable, safe areas to nap. Free food and drink. Free wifi.

These items can really make a difference in how I feel at the end of a trip.

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Mar 172013
Omni Hotel, Fort Worth, TX

Omni Hotel, Fort Worth, TX

Flew in for an industry convention. The convention was at the Omni Hotel, just across the street from the convention center.
Very large hotel! Has all the usual amenities, including a great steak restaurant, Bob’s Steakhouse. Had the Tomahawk, a massive bone in Ribeye of the american version of Kobe Beef.  Fantastic!
Did not get a chance to get out and see anything, other than to and from the airport. It has been a few years since I had been to Fort Worth.
These large high end hotels irritate me. I had to leave one day early, and they were not willing to forego the billing for the night I was not there. As is common, the more expensive the hotel, the more internet access costs, which is rediculous. In reality I receive much better service and value staying at Holiday Inn Express, my hotel of choice.

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Feb 202013

My first time in Rotterdam. Nice city, everyone on bikes. Our offices are right on the port, attached to the mill.  Would be tough to get any work done, I’d spend my time watching the boats and ships!

We stayed at the NH hotel. Nice hotel, great rooms, and a very good dim sum restaurant attached to the hotel.

We ate at several good restaurants, New York, New York, and the Dutch Oven.  Nice, high end restaurant with a good wine list.

The weather could have been better, it rained, snowed, and the sun shone every day!

I wish the US had trains like Europe.  Clean, fast and always on time.  The only way to get around.

I used the Global Entry kiosk for the first time when I flew back to Minneapolis.  What a great program! Instead of standing in line with 300 other people waiting to go through passport control, I walked up to the kiosk. There was one person in front of me. I scanned my passport, answered 3 questions, it took my picture, and I walked out! It took 10 minutes instead of 45 or more.

One change to the TSA Pre I would like to see them make is to make it available to passengers traveling internationally as well as domestic. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t.

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Nov 152012

Always a pretty drive on highway 14 from Lacrosse, WI to the Madison area.
Mineral point is a neat old mining town.
The Midway Bar is a good place to get a quick meal. The bar is a large carved oak bar.

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Oct 142012

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Gateway Arch in St. Louis

At an industry meeting in St. Louis that was held at the Hyatt. Right across the street from the Arch.

Ate at a great little French restaurant called “Vin De Set”, and ordered this Bordeaux. Great wine!
This restaurant is a real gem – if you are in St. Louis, you have to stop here!
Here is a link to their site: Vin De Set

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Jul 302012
Executives Hotel in Riyadh

Executives Hotel in Riyadh

My first time in Saudi Arabia. I’ve never been so hot! 125 degrees F. during the day, cooling down to 104 at night!
Unfortunately I did not have time to travel outside the city.
We are working on a large contract with a company here and there is a great chance that I will be spending a lot of time here. I am looking forward to seeing more of the country.
We had supper at the top of the Kingdom tower. Great view of the city at night. The food was just Ok, however.
The Executives Hotel is nice and modern, with good food.

Riyadh from my hotel room

Riyadh from my hotel room

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Jul 132012

The timing was tight on this one.  Schedules got changed from Turkey to Saudi Arabia. I leave tomorrow (Saturday) for Saudi Arabia, and my visa just showed up yesterday!

That is cutting it a little too close for comfort!

I’m looking forward to the trip, even if it is a short trip (back next Wednesday). I will post pictures and reviews of the hotel and restaurants I find.

If the presentation goes well, I may be traveling to Riyadh often in the next year.

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May 262012

It was a nice time to be in Alabama. Found a great restaurant in Decatur – Simp Mcghee’s.
A neat old building, good ambiance.
Food and service was excellent. Definitely worth going back to!
Here is a link to their site: Simp McGhee’s

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Jul 012011

Friday, 01 July 2011 Hotel Mercure Buda

Old Budapest from Hotel

Old Budapest from my hotel room

Left for Budapest on the 26th of June, afer being home 10 hours after a week in Virginia. I was able to sleep on this trip across the Atlantic! My first trip to Hungary, and I didn’t know what to expect from a former soviet block country. Driving from the airport to the Hotel Mercure Buda, the primary impression was gray. Solid rectangular gray concrete buildings.
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