Feb 202013

My first time in Rotterdam. Nice city, everyone on bikes. Our offices are right on the port, attached to the mill.  Would be tough to get any work done, I’d spend my time watching the boats and ships!

We stayed at the NH hotel. Nice hotel, great rooms, and a very good dim sum restaurant attached to the hotel.

We ate at several good restaurants, New York, New York, and the Dutch Oven.  Nice, high end restaurant with a good wine list.

The weather could have been better, it rained, snowed, and the sun shone every day!

I wish the US had trains like Europe.  Clean, fast and always on time.  The only way to get around.

I used the Global Entry kiosk for the first time when I flew back to Minneapolis.  What a great program! Instead of standing in line with 300 other people waiting to go through passport control, I walked up to the kiosk. There was one person in front of me. I scanned my passport, answered 3 questions, it took my picture, and I walked out! It took 10 minutes instead of 45 or more.

One change to the TSA Pre I would like to see them make is to make it available to passengers traveling internationally as well as domestic. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t.

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