Mar 172013
Omni Hotel, Fort Worth, TX

Omni Hotel, Fort Worth, TX

Flew in for an industry convention. The convention was at the Omni Hotel, just across the street from the convention center.
Very large hotel! Has all the usual amenities, including a great steak restaurant, Bob’s Steakhouse. Had the Tomahawk, a massive bone in Ribeye of the american version of Kobe Beef.  Fantastic!
Did not get a chance to get out and see anything, other than to and from the airport. It has been a few years since I had been to Fort Worth.
These large high end hotels irritate me. I had to leave one day early, and they were not willing to forego the billing for the night I was not there. As is common, the more expensive the hotel, the more internet access costs, which is rediculous. In reality I receive much better service and value staying at Holiday Inn Express, my hotel of choice.

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  1. Hey,Bob send me an e-mail when You get a spare moment. Not much time to spare for myself these days either. He’ll I called my old neighbor & our good friend Jeff P. And I’ll be Damned, He did not know who he was talking to. Makes me wonder, we have all lost touch. sad