Get Readers to Remember

Copyright 2012 by Robert W. Luedtke
Do your readers remember you? Do you have trouble remembering the title and author of the ebooks you read? There have been some discussions around the web about this – people reading ebooks tend to forget the author and titles of books faster than with print books.
With a print book you see the cover, title, and author all the time. Print books also tend to have running headers or footers on each page. Not so with ebooks.
There is a way to put the title and author in front of the reader more often.
Instead of starting each section or chapter with just the chapter name, put the title and author in a smaller font at the top of the page, then a margin, then the chapter heading. Something like this:

Ebook Creation: Book Parts in Ebooks by Robert W. Luedtke

4 – Recommended Book Parts for Non-Fiction Ebooks

At least they see it on each section or chapter. If you use the automatic Table of Contents capabilities of Word or other word processors, there is a little tweaking you must do.
The TOC will want to start the chapter at the chapter heading. In your document you will have to move the anchor point from just before the chapter heading to just before the title-author line. You would do this in the html code or in Sigil.
Give it a try! What do you think of this idea?
What other things do you do to keep your name in front of the reader?